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Growing up, I spent most of my days at my grandma’s place. Let me tell you about every single time her house – a picture-perfect sanctuary from a different era, surrounded by orchards, gardens, and flowerbeds – was filled with the mouthwatering smell of this tart.

This is a food blog now, so either read my entire biography or SCROLL! Work for your food!

No, just kidding. We both know I’m not a real food blogger, nor do I want to be. I am just passionate about eating – oh, SO passionate – and don’t want you to miss out on some treasures of the German cuisine.

Without beating around the bush, this is a super quick and simple recipe for traditional German strawberry tart (Erdbeerkuchen) that uses mainly store-bought ingredients. This version is guaranteed to convey the authentic German strawberry tart flavor. If you’re a skilled baker, though, feel free to make everything from scratch.

The perfect month for fresh strawberries is May, which also happens to be my birth month. So this has been my absolute favorite cake to indulge in on my birthday. And I can see why it was also my mom’s favorite cake to prepare: It’s whipped up in a jiffy – no baking involved, perfect for hot summer days. Bribe your little ones into cutting and arranging the fruit and all that’s left to do is making the glaze and spreading it all over the strawberries. Et voilà.

Gone are the days of getting 32 different mixing bowls grubby and spilling flour all over the kitchen, your kids, and your black dog.  No more dropping half the eggs on the floor and the other half’s shells into the batter.

Not with this recipe!

Making this mouthwateringly delicious tart is a piece of cake. (See what I did there?) Read on, to find out for yourself.

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Prep: 20 min, Servings: 12


For the tart:

For the glaze (check package):

  • 125 g / ½ cup of sugar
  • 125 ml / ½ cup of water


STEP 1: Wash and clean the strawberries, before cutting them in half.

STEP 2: Arrange the strawberries on the crust, completely covering it.

STEP 3: Make glaze according to packaging. (Mix 125 g / ½ cup of sugar and 125 ml / ½ cup of water, then bring to a boil while stirring. Boil for one minute and continue stirring throughout.)

STEP 4: Starting in the middle, immediately cover all strawberries with the glaze, using a big spoon.

STEP 5: Let cool off.

TIP: Change this up as you please. You can use any fruit, add a layer of pudding or even make it several layers. But make sure to try the plain version first, because it’s absolutely delicious!


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